Dr. Asmamaw Gebrehiwot

Post-doc Research Associate 

Megha Puthenparampil

Research Associate

Freda Dorbu

PhD Student, Computational Science and Engineering


Abdella Salem

PhD Student, Applied Science and Technology

Portrait_tewodros Gebre.JPG

Tewodros Gebre

PhD Student, Applied Science and Technology

Ian Kresak

Undergrad RA, Geomatics

Andrea Watiker

Undergrad RA, Geomatics

Former Members

Dinesh Kadirimangalam, Research Associate

Dr. Nima Namvar, Post-Doc Research Associate 

Asmamaw Gebrehiwot, PhD Student

Danielle Linz, Undergraduate Student

James Armstrong, Undergraduate Student

Ashton Stepter, Undergraduate Student 

Daniel Fogleman, Undergraduate Student 

Richard Klimek, Undergraduate Student 

Christopher Sparks, Undergraduate Student 

Zachary Wilson, Undergraduate Student 

Amina Guled, Undergraduate Student 

Onnr Grogan, Undergraduate Student 

Jeffery Jones, Undergraduate Student 

Natalie Boon, Undergraduate Student